Booty black skin wiht zipper


Booty black skin

Skin black box
Made in Spain Booty Skin Piton Black Box ornaments
Numbering: 40,41,42,43,44,45
Brand: Valverde del camino.
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Booty blacK skin

Skin black box
Made in Spain Booty Skin Black Box ornaments
Numbering: 41.
Manufacture of sizes 40 to 45.
Brand: Valverde del camino.
Booty black leather with decoration on the
toe and heel black leather box. Model with internal
zipper and elastic face on the outer side, for easy placement.
All leather inside and outside the sole. The sole is
both glued and sewn.Model with Cuban heel about 4 cm.
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Data sheet

Insole: Skin
Leather sole
Lining: skin
Upper: Skin